Angry Video Game Nerd Picks Top 5 Worst NES Soundtracks

Toshi Kai, Nobuyuki Ohnogi, Tomohiro Nishikado, and Koji Kondo. Do any of these names sound familiar? Fuck no, right? It’s because these are video game composers. Back in the day publishers were not releasing credits to these composers.

After watching this aloof YouTube video, featuring the Angry Video Game Nerd going over the Top 5 Worst NES tracks, I am not sure they want to be known. I get it you didn’t have the technology or even the resources to create great soundtracks. But hey, you could have done better seeing as the games, introduced in the video, were made after the greatest game ever made, Super Mario Bros.

After you check this video, check out Koji Kondo. Dude is an awesome composer!

In this video the first game, The Angry Video Game Nerd violates, is Little Red Hood. In it he described every level as having the same frothy sound of crackling ass! I watched the “let’s play” video for this game and holy shit was he right. The soundtrack was all the same except for when Little Red Hood rat would go down stairs to some type of dungeon. Then you were saved with silence from the frothy ass sounds.

Next was Deadly Towers. This, by far, was Angry Game Nerd’s best description of the whole video. (Editor’s note.. bad drunken paraphrase follows) “Imagine taking a Phonograph Machine Submerging it in Diarrhea and wiring it to a horse’s ass to use as a speaker it makes nails on a chalkboard sound like fucking Mozart.” Now, I actually watched the play through for Deadly Towers. Not all of the screens had the same looped crappy soundtrack so I am confused as to why this one was selected and I actually loved playing Deadly Towers. Looking back, I’m not sure I took too much notice to the soundtrack though.

Maybe this is where I stop the commentary and leave it up to the reader to review the video because as a retro gamer it really wasn’t the soundtrack I was listening to as my eyes were to fixated on the task at hand, defeating the game. I think gamers these days are too critical about soundtracks. Yes, there are some games that have excellent ambient music, but games are meant to be played and enjoyed. Let me know what you think I’m out, FUCK YOUR COUCH !


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