VR Multi System Emulator: Pretending To Play Video Games In Your Pretend VR Bedroom

In a meta twist of the absurd, Oculus VR forum member NeoZeroo is developing emulation software to be used with the Oculus Rift virtual headset. In his post, NeoZeroo describes the concept behind the software, “You’re a kid again, in your typical 80’s/90’s bedroom, with posters and whatnot, where you manually grab one of your many game cartridges/CDs (with actual labels), insert it into one of your many consoles plugged into a TV, turn it on, sit down and play!”

…because nostalgic escapism just isn’t complete until you can emulate your lonely bedroom from when you were 12 years old, minus your parents arguing in the background because you’re mom hasn’t put out in over 3 weeks. We can probably mod that feature in later.

Supported emulations are to include…

SNES, Arcade, PlayStation, NES, Game Boy/Color, Game Boy Advance, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32x, Master System, Game Gear, PC Engine, Neo-Geo Pocket, Virtual Boy, Atari 2600, Atari Lynx, WonderSwan, Nintendo DS

Game Engines:
Quake, Doom, Cave Story

DOSBox, Nintendo 64, ScummVM, PSP, Sega Saturn

Provided environments include the aforementioned teenager’s bedroom as well as a more high end man-cave/home theater environment. You know the kind of place. That kind of place that wealthy engineers own but never have the time to use. That place where they go to hide when their wife hasn’t put out in over 3 weeks. The simulation is intended to emulate, not just the game, but even the pixelation artifacts inherent in plasma TVs and even CRT television sets.

Though I don’t understand the need to mediate classic arcade games through an unnecessary virtual environment, the novelty of it all does seem interesting. NeroZeroo has already posted some demo videos on YouTube showing the fluidity of the software but he’s still looking for artists to help him complete his vision.


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