Piss Off Retro Purists – New MOD Lets You Play Your NES Via HDMI

Real world console versus emulation. Keyboard versus controller. Now you can add HDMI versus Composite, RF Box, or S-Video cable to the long list of arbitrary nonsense that retro gaming purists will pretend to give a shit about.

Console mod service company, Game-Tech, just announced their new NESHD mod kit by Kevtris. The new kit will let people connect their NES console to their HDTV via HDMI while outputting a myriad of resolutions from 480p to 1080p. The kit ensures a lag free frame rate, firmware updates via flash cartridges, and on onscreen menu to adjust your video parameters.

If you’re an angry purist, with a 40 inch CRT taking up half of your one room apartment, even you might cave to this new fangled technological wonder. In addition to audio upgrades the kit will also generate artificial scanlines to make the cold flat vivid sheen of your HDTV look muddled, fuzzy, warm, and blocky just like your old nana’s TV set.

The kit is expected to come in under $150 and for people that are two scared to eviscerate their console in order to install the components you can also contact Game Tech schedule an install.

For more technical information you can visit GameTech here: Game Tech Website

Here’s the lads over at Game Tech US sharing the spoils of their labor…


7 thoughts on “Piss Off Retro Purists – New MOD Lets You Play Your NES Via HDMI

    1. There’s a wave of reto gamer purists who believe that these games should only be played on CRT Televisions. Most of these people are too young to have grown up with those shitty TVs and this HDMI mod flies in the face of those purists.


      1. It can actually output a 1080p image, which clarifies everything. The clarity is so good that the mod even includes a feature to simulate CRT scan lines to fuggly up the image back to normal.


      2. I’m torn. I get that the designers developed their game to be smeared by bad CRTs. That blurring naturally smooths out the blocky pixels. Personally though, I fucking love those blocky pixels. So at that point, it comes down to convenience and a 10 foot deep CRT television is not convenient. My kid could be crushed to death if it falls on her.

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