Terrain Tech’s Wireless LED Terrain Kickstarter

Terrain Tech wants to spare you from your battery storage and cable wrangling woes. The Terrain Tech developer, Nth Degree Logic, believes that we live in a world where setting up gameplay terrain is a rigorous challenge, akin to waking up and trying to match your mismatched dress socks for work.

Their solution? A table top that supplies wireless electricity to all supported LED lights and mechanized props. Utilizing clear crystal resin props, tiles, and figurines the player can use colored LED discs to accentuate each piece with any desired color of light. The neoprene mat and power supply provides the wireless electricity to the various mechanized motors and LEDs that are interconnected into the resin props that rest directly on the mat.

At worse, the technology can turn a brooding medieval torture chamber into vibrant flamboyant discotheque. At best, combined with simple dry feather brushing and basic painting techniques, the technology can create amazingly bold and richly detailed scenescapes.

The only problem, Nth Degree Logic needs your help to make Terrain Tech a reality. With a goal of $150,000 Nth Degree Logic wants to throw their product in production, and streamline the pieces for uniformity and consumer purchase. They offer different pledge packages for people ranging from the basic LED functioning, Starter Power Grid, at $150. To the more robust LED and mechanized prop functioning, Advanced Power Grid, at $145.

Pledge offerings below the $150 price still gets you some amazing hand craft resin pieces with packages starting as low as $35. As of this article, their Kickstarter still has 15 days to go only having reached $27,951 of their $150,000 goal.

For more comprehensive information on the Kickstarter and their various pledge packages you can go to their Kickstarter page here: Wireless Power Miniature Terrain Tech Lights Laser & Motors


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