Postal 1 Redux Announced by RunningWithScissors… Wait, I Never Played Postal

This was supposed to be an article about Running With Scissors’ confirmation of the Redux Edition of there classic PC game Postal. According to RWS, the new version is to be, “Faithful to the original with redrawn HD art & redone character models… and many new features such as co-op.”

So I asked myself, what is Postal? Cue Jason Dixon’s creepy Let’s Play Video:

twitter RWS


As you can see from the “Ultra Maniac Gamer’s” YouTube feed, this game looked exciting and may drive you into an insane Jack Nicholson Shining-esque coma . I am not going to lie, I had no idea what a cult following this game had. I was so intrigued from all the hub bub that I downloaded this 1997 classic from Steam for 74 cents! Awesome!

When I started the game I felt like I was a little kid again. There I was in my house sneaking around to play a game you’re not supposed to because you’re told it will lead to bad things. Desensitization to violence, sociopathic tendencies, and a need to buy a trench coat… it was all on the table.

Right away the eerie soundtrack, and creepy scream noises in the options menu, told me that this game was going to be great. Once I figured out the controls, we were off. The game starts you at your home, where you begin on your journey to cleanse the planet via murder and mayhem. The whole game was executed in a type of painted art aesthetic. Very cool, almost dream like. The whole time I was playing the game, I was telling myself that the 1996  GTA don’t got shit on this game. Postal had the game play you wanted in GTA and had better graphics than the overhead ghetto bird view that GTA provided. Sure the little GTA story lines are fun, but this game’s narrative is real simple. Destroy all mankind.

I really enjoyed playing this game and I was glad that I picked it up. I cant wait to try out the other sequels and of course the Redux version once it is released. Do yourself a favor, if you do not own this game go get it! You will not regret putting your change into a company who really loves their fans just check there site . 

Also please check out Ultra Maniac Gamer on YouTube. He has great insane retro video game reviews so hook the brother up with a subscribe, he’s a purist. Well i am done here, so Go Fuck Your Couch!

All Postal imagery and content courtesy of Running With Scissors.


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