Fan Made Trailer Revitalizes The Drama Of 1984’s The Last Starfighter

Sometimes you wish somebody would take The Last Starfighter, update the CGI, and then have Anthony Gonzalez (M83) score that bitch and release it to the masses. Until somebody decides to start a Kickstarter for such a money losing proposition, we’ll have to do with Last Starfighter fan fiction and fan made updated trailers. Thankfully, the latter doesn’t disappoint.

Here editor Tim Gonzalez (not related to M83) updates the classic 1984 film with a modernized trailer. It features a heavy doom and gloom ambient audio track, that has almost become a cinematic trope, since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight and Inception trailers redefined how to market a film.

And for the sake of comparison, here’s the intro to the Last Starfighter video game for the Atari Xe/Xi.

Thanks to Nick Miyake…


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