Games And A Haircut With Retro Bobby

In Copenhagen, Denmark there is an awesome place where the walls are cluttered and adorned with action figures from the 80’s and 90’s. Allover the store space are retro video games available for play and purchase. And on the floor, hair clippings from previous customers. This place is Ruben & Bobby.

It’s a retro arcade/barber shop owned and operated by the now sole proprietor, Retro Bobby. Here people come to play, trade, buy, and sell their used video games and toys. The owner, Retro Bobby, provides all of these multimedia sundries while also providing stylish haircuts.

As much as the store, Retro Bobby is the subject of a short documentary produced by the Copenhagers production company. Copenhagers intent? From their website, “In September 2011 Copenhagers launches Copenhagers, with the ambitious project of documenting live stories and sharing passions; because at the end of each day ‘It’s All About Passions'”. What’s most amazing about all of this is that Retro Bobby somehow makes this mish-mash of entrepreneurial concepts work cohesively together. Patrons play video games while their hair is cut, trying to beat high scores in order to earn 20% discounts on their haircut.

What begins as an odd an interesting look at a quirky character, quickly becomes an inspirational story about following your passions in both life and business.


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