Long After The Battle Of Endor

Many times in film, video games, and other mediums of entertainment, it’s all too easy to forget that war has catastrophic consequences. That things are permanently altered and changed long after the fog of war has faded away.

My personal friend and artist Jason Dunn reminds me of this fact, when I look at his post “Endor War” landscape painting titled, “Ewok C-3PO Cult”. In it, Dunn imagines an Ewok Endor after the exodus of the Rebellion and the Empire. Long after the Death Star has been blown apart and into a future where the events of Return Of The Jedi have become Ewokian folkore, myth, tradition, and culture.

As Dunn explains from his own blog, “An Ewok temple complex, made from the skulls of AT-ATs, of an aggressive splinter tribe of Ewoks who claim to have been led by a golden god against an invasion of faceless demons.”


This and much more of Jason Dunn’s amazing work can be seen at his website, Robot Rumpus. He also has even more digital paintings on his personal blog, Robot Rumpus Blog. Dunn, a Director, VFX Artist, Matte Painter, and Concept Artist has had his work featured numerous times in both film and television over the past decade.

All images courtesy of Robot Rumpus.


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