Get Up Inside Dem Lizard Guts. Brad Smith’s New Game Is Funded

Canadian homebrew developer, Brad Smith, has surpassed his Kickstarter fundraising goal of $12,000 and is now on track to complete development on his upcoming NES title, Lizard. The funds raised from his Kickstarter will primarily go to the limited cartridge manufacturing run of the NES game, but hopefully any excess money will be used to recoup his actual development costs.

The game Lizard, is a platform exploration game that’s one part Pitfall and many parts Little Nemo: The Dream Master. In the game you play as some sort of humanoid man/boy flesh thing, who transfers himself between reptilian husks/suits by way of being vomited mouth to mouth to each new host. Each new Lizard suit/host carries a new specific ability which grants specific access to previously unreachable areas of the world. Think of it as a bulimic version of Metroid, but where you don’t have an arm cannon or bombs.

With a gameplay focus more on exploration rather than MOB killing, the game feels anchored more in modern indie game design principles but with both of it’s feet firmly planted in the constrictive design environment of the NES hardware. If the Demo is any indication of things to come, then Smith is definitely making a promising title here.

Below is his initial Kickstarter campaign video.

The demo can be picked up for NES, PC, or MAC here:


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