FREE Mini DayZ Pisses Off Reddit

Even though Bohemia Interactive has been busy developing the Stand Alone Version of DayZ for PC, they still had time to create a Free Downloadable 2D version of the game called Mini DayZ. Mini Dayz is a 2D top down survival horror game made in the vein of it’s big brother, DayZ. Currently Mini DayZ is a single player game but there are talks of it being made into a multiplayer game in the near future.

The game is fun. It’s loaded with anxiety filled moments as you evade the menacing zombies that come chasing after you. The stress sensation reminds me of Zelda 2 or even Phantasy Star 2, where you try to navigate between conflicts rather than simply entertaining them.

Mini Day z screen shot

screenshot mini dayz 2

The mini game was just released so there are a handful of bugs to the game but nothing too cringe worthy. On the bright side though, at least there isn’t menacing hackers which have plagued the original DayZ version. For a price of FREE I do not see why you wouldn’t try out this fun game. For the price of FREE, I don’t even understand why you would get enraged over this game. Despite this, various users on Reddit and on the DayZ forum are filled with rage over how much they hate this game.

I’ve had fun reading the complaints on the Bohemia and Reddit forum from such contributors as Wehrmacht_Bunny, Jordanno and my favorite NachoDawg.

comment Wehrmacht_Bunny (Yeah, just got this email saying they are pretty much giving away all Arma games [In reality they aren’t] and that you get this browser game for free. First time played my water literally runs out in 5 minutes, and it is on regular. The attacking on this game is so difficult that melee is close to impossible, because the zombies drop you in a split second. So my rating for anyone wanting to know if you should play, 1/10. Poorly designed, no-one is playing, it’s just terribad. – Wehrmacht_Bunny)

comment 2 Jordanno (i’ve gotta say its pretty bad too. killing zombies really isn’t a problem, they are stronger than in SA but your still stronger than them so it doesnt matter really. its nice that they are more of a threat. the problem is… they rip your pants off 😛 Im playing on novice and I cant last longer than 5 minutes because zombies strip all of my clothes off and i either starve or bleed to death because i cant pick stuff up. all of your meters except for temperature deplete waaay too quickly (on novice!) and all of the items break way too fast. i killed like 3 zombies with the only melee weapon i found before it broke. gotta fix weapon and clothing durability as well as loot spawns. no loot anywhere. clothes especially. even in SA there isnt enough clothing. its everywhere in real life – Jordanno)

Nacho dawg comment (its just an achievement hunting, rouge-like game with no level progression or change of gameplay as you progress. Kind of dull, but it entertained me for an hour or so, spoilet, Go all the way to the bottom-left for a heli-crash site :> – NachoDawg)

Really? The game is fucking free assholes. Go back to playing COD Ghosts you hacks!

Well, here is the link to claim yourself a free copy. As to the forum haters, a developer from the game (who went under the alias of Canned Bits) left a nice message for those haters on the Reddit sub-forum. I tried to reach out to ‘Canned Bits’ for an interview but as of this writing I have not received a comment.

mini dayz reddit response1 (Hello guys, i’m a creator of MiniDayZ. I was think you all get free fun. But i see mostly overhyped rage here. Its really sad, that people get mad from free stuff. Yes, we have a looping problem in store now, buts on the way to fix. I hope after fix some of your really enjoy the game. And haters… gonna hate – CannedBits)

Like I said, grab this game while it’s Free and please Fuck your Couch !


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