NES Versions of My Bloody Valentine, Beck, and Pantera

In a weird find, a YouTube channel with the user name 8bitRock, has been hosting 8-bit NES versions of many popular famous rock songs. The songs vary in taste ranging from Korn to the Velvet Underground.

There is some debate as to the authenticity of these converted songs, with most people believing that they are simply 8-bit emulations of the original tracks. This technical detail aside, it still creates some fun moments to hear My Bloody Valentine’s droning melancholy wall of noise being broken down into a more audible chiptune version of it’s former self.

Or realizing that Beck’s “Devil’s Haircut” would have been the perfect background music for Goonies II (NES).

Even Pantera’s “Regular People” isn’t spared, becoming horribly neutered and castrated by the chiptune process. You could probably play it at Trader Joe’s now.

The YouTube channel contains several more songs and bands. You can find them here:


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