Installing Games On Shit: ActiWait Street Pong

ActiWait is a concept created by the design firm, Urban Invention. Ran by founding members, Amelie Künzler and Sandro Engel, the goal of Urban Invention is to re-design and improve public spaces in hopes of augmenting our surroundings with playful and communal technologies in order to make our world more engaging with the real people that are around us.

To put it plainly, they want to install games on shit.

In their latest crowd fundraising project, Urban Invention installed their AciWait unit on a crosswalk light. It turns the typical cold crosswalk button into a interactive Pong game that is played against the person on the opposing side of the street. What would have been a mundane and uneventful wait at a street corner now becomes a fun and engaging game with a stranger.

STREETPONG from HAWK Hildesheim on Vimeo.

Their fundraising campaign to mass produce the ActiWait device is currently on IndieGoGo with only 341 euros earned out of it’s 35,000 euros goal. With 41 days still left, anything is possible. I mean, they put Pong on a cross walk button.

Big ups to the blog, Hackaday for the find.


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