Dragon Quest III: Now On A Smaller Screen With No Controller

The Famicom classic, Dragon Quest III, arrived on the iOS platform this past Tuesday (though its already been on Android since late September). The game is arguably one of the best selling role playing games of all time selling over one million copies on it’s first day release on the Famicom way back in 1988. Most people in the US will remember the game as Dragon Warrior III.

Featuring the artwork of Akira Toriyama (famous for Dragon Ball), the game design of Yuji Horii (Chrono Trigger), and the musical compositions of Koichi Sugiyama (Japanese atrocity denier) Dragon Quest III was ground breaking moment in the RPG genre. Remarkable design innovations for it’s time included it’s expanded nonlinear open world gameplay, a persistent world with day and night cycles, and a class changing character system which would have great influence in the future design of the Final Fantasy series.

The iOS version brings with it a full English localization and a revised touchscreen control scheme. This iteration of the game is said to be a port of a phone remake that was released in Japan in 2009, making it the third remake of the game. Overall the appearance is similar to it’s previous 16 bit remake. The game can currently purchase in the iTunes app store for $9.99.


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