A New look For Kings Quest Presented At Video Game Awards

Last week, at the Game Awards in Las Vegas, the Industry Icon Award was given to Ken and Roberta Williams founders of the once popular Sierra Entertainment. With their company, they developed such games as Police Quest, Space Quest and the adventurous Kings Quest series.


After the acceptance speech, Roberta Williams had a few words regarding the new Kings Quest game, which is being developed by The Odd Gentleman development studio, and fittingly put King Graham’s hat onto the head of The Odd Gentleman president, Matt Korba.

At this point Korba would turn the gaming community into a tizzy the moment he removed the hat from his head. Now, prior to watching the video clip I had already read some comments on YouTube and Reddit saying that Korba had dissed Roberta Williams so I had to see this with my own eyes. Personally, if I was given the hat of King Graham, I’d be rocking that shit! But from my perspective it seemed that Mr. Korba was just nervous. He knows how much of a big deal this game is to it’s fans. In the end I saw no intention of him trying to be rude even amid some of the boos. In the end it was a big ado about nothing. Especially after seeing tweets Mr.Korba and Ken Williams himself, ultimately hushing the mongrels.

Matt korba tweet

Ken williams ok

After that, Matt Korba presented a clip of the game. The presentation looked real kick ass but was described as a charming new adventure with an awe-inspiring art style, engaging puzzles, and a wondrous interactive narrative brimming with humor from the new owners of Sierra Activision. Here is the clip of the ceremony and the promo for the new Kings Quest.

 As a fan of the Kings Quest series, especially Kings Quest V, I have to say that the graphics looked amazing. My only complaint would be that the game is not a point and click adventure game anymore. Ultimately though, I can get over the point and click absence as long as the Story line is adventurous and humorous containing the conundrums of ole King Graham like past Kings Quest games. As long as it meets that standard, than it should be just fine with fans. Stay tuned I am going to see if I can obtain comment from Mr. Korba. Till then, Fuck your Couch!



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