Lord of the Rings Pinball, Leaps Into the Future With A Color DMD

Color DMD (http://www.colordmd.com/) has been colorizing old pinball DMD’s for a couple years now. They do it one by one, in what seems a random selection. At the end of November they finally did one of the games I was waiting for, Lord of the Rings!


The price is a little hefty at ~$450 shipped, but in the kit you get a brand new colorized DMD, mounting brackets, and the power cable it needs. All you need to do to get it to work is to flash the DMD with a usb containing the proper code for your game. Of course you have to remove the old DMD and install the new one, but if you own a pinball machine you need to learn how to make your own repairs and mods. I may post a walkthrough after I get mine installed to help guide the wary.

Here’s the promo video:

You might be out of luck to get one for Xmas since I bought one of the last displays, but they assured me that more displays will be arriving in January.


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