This Summer’s Shitty Adam Sandler Movie Was Actually Based On Something Cool

This summer, Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Production company, will be releasing a film about aliens who attack the Earth by taking the form of classic 80’s arcade video game characters. Sandler plays a former 80’s era video game champion who’s been tasked with saving the planet with his dorky gamer pals. Expect fart jokes, Pac-Man eating some phallic shaped building, Donkey King/King Kong references and Adam Sandler’s faux blue collar chill bro vibes all being wrangled by the trope-tastic Night at the Museum blockbuster director, Chris Columbus.


Insert, “Pac-Man eats sea men.” joke here.


Underneath all of the douche bag Sandler culture though, is actually a very unique and original film concept. The initial idea actually came from a short film by Director Patrick Jean (of One More Production). Back in 2010, Patrick Jean, made an inspired short film about a pixelated doomsday cloud that takes over a city with massive classic arcade game characters. The film is more of a visual concept than any kind of plot driven story but from it, Colombia purchase purchased rights to base their feature film on it.

PIXELS by Patrick Jean from ONE MORE on Vimeo.


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