M2 Completes 3D Conversion Of Sega Classics To The 3DS

Developer M2 has completed their 2 year long project of converting a handful of their Sega megadrive and arcade classics onto the Nintendo 3DS hardware. The latest boxed collection will feature 6 (of the released 13 conversions) and includes Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Out Run, Streets of Rage, Shinobi III, and Ecco The Dolphin. This latest release is currently Japanese only but the lack of region restrictions on the 3DS shouldn’t make it a problem to order a copy.

What on the surface seems like a basic gaming port was actually a painstaking process of converting these 2D classics into impressively layered 3D images. Animations had to be toyed with and drawing priorities changed in order to accomplish such an expansive task. It was more of a technical feat of tedium and love than of magic, but in the end the effect is pretty bad ass.

Nobody is even beginning to talk about how these converted 3D titles can be used by the Oculus Rift or forthcoming PS4 Morpheus VR headsets. But it’s a promising idea to know that there’s a potential for our old retro gaming classics even in a post 2D world.

Below is a 3D functioning trailer for the collection. So grab your 3D glasses, Oculus Headset, or just cross your eyes like a dip shit and enjoy.


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