Cinemaware Now Taking Pre-Order Registrations For “It Came From The Desert”

24 years ago Electronic Arts was supposed to release the Mega Drive/Genesis port of 1989 Amiga video game, It Came From The Desert. The game was to be more than just a port, including new game assets and gameplay elements never featured in the Amiga version. Unfortunately EA would shelve the game, citing a fatal crash bug and a difficulty progression that was too difficult for most gamers.

Fast forward to 2014 and ICFTD Publisher Cinemaware sought the help of developer WaterMelon to complete the title. The game is finally being released this month, via pre-order, in a Limited Edition collectors package. The package includes the extended cut version of the Mega Drive/Genesis cartridge, hardshell case, instruction manual, and a collectible poster. The new edition of the game will include a new intro-sequence, new cutscenes, a new ending sequence, and additional gameplay elements.


Below is gameplay footage from the unreleased Electronic Arts version of the game. Though the game was never formally released, the ROM file has been available for emulation for the past decade thanks to the generous efforts of Cinemaware.

Register for the Pre-Order HERE.


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