MENEO’s Dick: A Scene From “Europe In 8 Bits” A Chiptune Documentary

MENEO is a Guatemalan born EDM producer who likes to play with chiptunes and his dick. His real name is Rigo Pex and when he’s not busy playing with himself he can often be found producing electronic music with the aid of his GameBoy.

In a recent documentary, titled “Europe In 8 Bits”, MENEO demonstrates his modified GameBoy and teaches us how to, “Warm up those asses!” He walks us through the user interface of the device and how he sequences it in order to piece together a seamless live set. Then, the documentary cuts to his live show where we see an entirely different side of MENEO, dangly wang and all, as he leads an explosive chip tune set in front of a rabid sweaty audience.

The documentary itself is a comprehensive look at the growing European chiptune scene. Directed by Javier Polo, “Europe In 8 Bits”, explores the myriad of musicians and how they’ve been re-purposing retro gaming devices like the GameBoy, NES, Atari ST, Amiga and the Commodore 64 into serious production tools to help create a different sound.

Also check out the awesome intro scene from the documentary below…

The full length documentary is available on Vimeo On Demand for purchase but is currently region locked to Europe. So you're going to need an Hola! plugin if you want to actually order it.


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