Indiana Jones And The Fountain Of Youth Still Being Developed

A new point and click Indiana Jones game has been in the process of being made over the past several years. But the game is not developed by Lucasarts or even published by it’s now parent company Disney. Instead, a group of fanatical indie game developers and artists have pooled their abilities, passion, and spare time together to develop a new Indy game in the same spirit as the 1992 Lucasart’s game, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.


Built around the concept and script initially written by Jocke Andersson, Fountain Of Youth is a new fan made Indiana Jones game that is intended to be released free to the public. The current active developer team consists of Mark Lovegrove (CEO of Screen 7), Misja van Laatum (Artist), Jan Simon (Game developer), Paul Wilkinson (CEO of Subspark), and pixel artist Mutbrecht Asengard.

Since 2006′ the team released a promising playable demo, a handful of Indiana Jones mini games, and even some fun Christmas themed flash animations. Despite the laborious timeline, production still continues as evident from this past Demember’s Christmas Card that the developers shared on their Facebook wall.

Since 2013, the team has divided the game into chapters and is progressively developing and fleshing them out. The team still needs help though as everybody continues to work on the game on the periphery of their actual lives and careers. If you want to help and/or offer services to the team check out their website for more information.

Demo and information can be found at the official website:


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