Castle In The Darkness Coming To Steam Feb. 5th

This coming February 5th pixel artist and game developer, Matt Kap, is releasing his current project, Castle In The Darkness, on Steam. The game is to be published by Publisher/Developer NICALiS.

Matt Kap has worked as a pixel artist on previous NICALiS games such as 1001 Spikes and The Binding of Isaac. Castle In The Darkness appears to mark Kap’s first time as both artist and lead designer on a title. The game is planned to be released for $6 and is expected to be a punitive and brutally challenging retro themed game in the vein of Zelda II and Wizards & Warriors.

Matt Kap's Pitfall inspired art from 1001 Spikes.

Matt Kap’s Pitfall inspired art from 1001 Spikes.

In a recent interview with OprainFall, Matt Kapp explains his motivation behind creating such challenging games.

“When a game is tough my frustration turns into determination, and I want to try again and again, and maybe find new ways to succeed. If a game is too easy, and I don’t get that thrill, I feel as if I might as well be watching someone else play it. There is such a thing as TOO hard though, so it’s a delicate balance. The least appealing thing about a purposefully challenging/hard game is a short limit of lives and no checkpoints. D’oh!” – Matt Kapp

This February 5th you can repeatedly slam your own head into a brick wall and actually challenge yourself with Castle In The Darkness.


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