Shadowhawk’s Shitty Feet Finally Released As A SNES Game

In the 90’s glut, of the then rebellious Image comics, many people remembered the shitty drawn feet of Jim Valentino and his Wolverine-esque, spine breaking, chrome clad comic book hero, Shadowhawk. Ironically, it was his ability to draw horrendous shitty feet that made him such an inspiration. Teenagers allover the world thought to themselves, “If this no feet drawing hack can own his own successful comic book, then so can I!”

Not many people know this, but there was actually supposed to be a Super Nintendo video game based on the Shadowhawk franchise. Only a handful of screen shots were ever seen and are featured at Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day. Decades later nobody has even found a ROM file for this game leaving it lost forever down the memory hole.

Magically though, Rose Colored gaming has announced via Facebook, that they are releasing 100 production copies of the yet unreleased Super Nintendo game, Shadowhawk. There aren’t many details on how they obtained the game, but thanks to their efforts it is now going to be preserved for the masses.

The intended release date is scheduled for the end of January with each cartridge and box running for about $150. Rose Colored gaming has ensured everybody that once the initial 100 copies of the game are sold that they intend on sharing the ROM file to the retrogaming community.

Shadowhawk Cart


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