Hipster Filters and Selfie Sticks Now In DOOM!!

The mechanism of social media has seemingly turned every self absorbed asshole into a heliocentric sociopath, shit bent on turning everything from their shitty tinder date to their grandmother’s funeral into another instagram/vine selfie moment. Why improve yourself or master any trade skills when you can get as much attention while being a self centered shitty human being?


Ironically, unlike killing hookers or mass slaughtering waves of zombies… social media beat videogames to the punch on this corrupt social discretion. Thanks to mods and video game updates, videogames can tag along for the ride and retro fit these self indulgent acts of stupidity into their games.

Doom World (Doom mod/fan forum) member Linguica has set his sights on such lowly ambitions. The end result is an amazingly ironic but genius instagram and selfie stick mod for the classic PC games Doom and Doom 2. Yes, thanks to this mod, you too can apply hipster approved filter settings to your in-game screen shots all while taking selfies of your own in game Doom marine’s atrocities.


The mod literally includes visually perfect recreations of the various color filters found in Instagram. The interface includes most of the same in app features while also providing a “selfie stick” view so you can shoot yourself in the meat and potatoes of all of the action. Here’s a video clip from Rock Paper Shotgun throwing out some helpful selfie tips…

The MOD can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/enxo9i3oiznc637/instadoom.zip?dl=0


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