Monkey Island Sword Fights in Your Web Browser

One of the funnest parts of the classic adventure game, Monkey Island, were the insult loaded sword fights. You bounced from pirate to pirate collecting old-timey insults, and their corresponding retort until your lexicon of crusty old uncle insults was expansive enough to beat every pirate on the island.

Even by today’s standards the approach to combat was unique and novel. However, it’s creativity was typical of the Lucasarts era of Adventure games; from Maniac Mansion to Full Throttle.

Thanks to the work of Karza Games, you can play the sword fighting part of the Lucasarts classic in your very own web browser. And let’s be honest, Monkey Island’s sword fights are way more exciting than silently eating your bologna sandwich in a cold lonely silence because nobody at work likes you, Greg. Nobody Greg. Everybody here thinks you are a fucking twat.



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